Ornamental Aquatics Probiotic

Bio-Clar probiotic supplement

Improving water quality in aquatics aquarium

Because the aquatic environment of the aquarium is a closed system and all materials derived from the metabolism of feed, feed residue, defecation and disposal of gases from breathing take place in this environment, so changes in water quality (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, PH, turbidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen and temperature) can threaten aquatic animal health and predispose the aquatic to disease.

Probiotics as defined by FAO / WHO are microbial supplements that have beneficial impacts on their host by improving the microbial balance.

Bio-Clar® supplement is combination of several probiotic Bacillus and Lactic Acid bacteria which have been specifically formulated for direct use in ornamental aquatic aquarium water to maintain a healthy environment. This product is a natural and very useful Supplement based on superior probiotic features: the ability to break down complex organic waste and eliminate toxic contaminants from water; As well as improving water quality and creating useful microbial flora in the aquarium and as a result will prevent of stress and the growth of pathogens in the aquatic environments.

Mode of action of probiotic

  • Quality improvement of water 
  • Control of hazardous gasses 
  • Prevention of pathogenic agents 
  • Increasing resistance against diseases
  • Improving growth and reduction of mortality 
  • Prevention of stressor agents   

Benefits of Bio-Clar® in the aquarium: 

  • Suitable for fresh and salt water aquariums 
  • Removing the organic matter of the bottom of the aquarium and reduction of water pollution 
  • Removing hazardous gasses (ammonia, nitrite, etc.)
  • Reduction of microbial diseases and bacterial toxins in water 
  • Ensuring a healthy environment for aquatic by reducing BOD and increasing the levels of dissolved oxygen 
  • Improving the water quality and clarity and reducing the need for water changes 
  • Reducing mortality and improving growth performance and health of aquarium aquatics 
  • Reduction of unpleasant odors and sludge in the bottom of the aquarium 
  • Reducing algae in the aquarium 
  • Reducing the need to backwash of water filters 
  • Balance of pH

Aquarium interactions and Bio-Clar® probiotic

  Effect on Before using Bio-Clar® After using Bio-Clar®  
  Feed waste, feces and organic matter Accumulation Decrease  
  Hazardous gasses Increase Decrease  
  Dissolved oxygen Decrease Increase  
  Algal Bloom Increase Decrease  
  Water clarity Decrease Increase  
  Pathogens and diseases Increase Decrease  
  Aquatic growth and surviving Decrease Increase  


Consumer Guide:

  • 5-10 grams per 100 liters of water (half or one teaspoon in 40 liters of water).
  • If the aquarium equipped with filter, use half of the dose into the filter and the other half into the aquarium water.

Total count of bacteria: 

  • 107 CFU/ g 

Storage conditions:

  • Keep in a cool and dry place.
  • Protect from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.





    Ornamental Aquatics Probiotic


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