Bio-Aqua® Ornamental

Feed grade probiotic for ornamental aquatics

Bio-Aqua® Ornamental is multi-strain feed grade probiotic supplement that is formulated specially for ornamental aquatics based on in vivo and in vitro experiments. Bio-Aqua® Ornamental can be used within the feed of salt water and fresh water ornamental aquatics.

Most of the microorganisms of aquatics GI system are beneficial that play role in aquatic health and immunity. But this population can be affected by factors like travelling, production, feed changes, high population density, stresses and water contaminations, diseases, antibiotics and disinfectants. This changes may lead to production decline and mortality in production workplaces and home aquariums. Probiotics are beneficial supplements without any side effects to inhibit this challenges.

Probiotics based on WHO/FAO are live microorganisms that, "when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.

Using probiotics in ornamental aquatics feed can improve growth, digestion, immunity and resistance to diseases. 

Mode of actions of probiotics in ornamental aquatics:

  • Preventing stressor factors 
  • GI microbial balance 
  • Improving digestion and absorption 
  • Preventing pathogenic agents 
  • Increasing resistance against diseases 
  • Increasing and regenerating the intestinal microvilli 

Benefits of bio-Aqua® Ornamental:

  • Growth improvement 
  • Appetite stimulation 
  • Mortality reduction 
  • Improving breeding factors and faster maturity of ovules 
  • Stimulating and promoting the immune system 
  • Improving the evolution of immune and GI system Increasing resistance against environmental stresses (temperature, salt, etc…) 
  • Preventing bacterial, viral and parasitic infections 
  • Re-establishment of GI normal microflora after antibiotic therapy 
  • Reducing growth time   


  • 15 gram sachets 
  • 100 gram cans 

Directions for use: 

  • Sachet packaging: 1 sachet per 500 grams of aquatic feed 
  • Can packaging:1 gram per 500 grams of aquatic feed 
  • You can mix the powder with water or oil and spray on the feed surface 
  • At the time of stress or disorder, it is recommended that double the given dose 



Feed grade probiotic for ornamental aquatics

Bio-Aqua® Ornamental

Zist Darman Mahan Co.

Manufacturer of probiotic supplements for livestock, poultry and aquaculture

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