Pets Probiotic for Dogs and Cats (Probio-Pet®)

Probiotic for Pets

Probio-Pet® is combination of six probiotic lactic acid bacteria strains specially formulated for pets. 

Probiotics based on WHO/FAO definition are "live microorganisms that when consume in adequate amount, confer health benefit on host." 

Special situations of pet's husbandry and feeding may cause gastro-intestinal microflora imbalance that can be harmful to pet's health. This situation might cause several complications for pet and owner. Using probiotic supplements can restore gastro-intestinal microflora balance and pet's general health to normal situation. 

Mode of action of probiotics:

  • Preventing stress 
  • GI microflora balance 
  • Enhancing digestion and absorption 
  • Increasing resistance to diseases 
  • Preventing the growth of pathogenic agents 
  • Increasing and rebuilding intestinal microvilli 
  • Vitamin and enzyme production   

Benefits of Probio-Pet®

  • Helping to improve diarrhea, indigestion and constipation 
  • Enhancing teeth and oral cavity health and hygiene 
  • Reducing bad breath odor 
  • Reducing intestinal gas production and its bad odor 
  • Enhancing hair and skin health, shinier hair 
  • Reducing itching and hair shedding 
  • Improving immune system performance 
  • Preventing allergies 
  • Improving antibiotic-associated diarrhea 
  • Preventing and improving travel sickness 
  • Improving behavioral problems 
  • Improving digestion and absorption   

Probio-Pet® promotes and enhances: 

  • Digestive health 
  • Recovery from sickness 
  • Immune system 
  • Resistance to stresses 
  • Healthy skin and hair 
  • Quality of life 

Probio-pet® is recommended for: 

  • Diarrhea and other digestive disorders 
  • Puppies and kittens 
  • After antibiotic therapy 
  • Old pets 
  • Pets during training, travel and stress periods 
  • After parturition and during lactation 
  • Immune deficiency   


  • 5g sachets 
  • 15 sachets in a box 

Directions for use: 

  • ½ sachet per cat or small dog (<5 kg) per day 
  • 1 sachet for large dog (>5 kg) per day 
  • Probio-Pet® can be added to pet food, water or used directly. 
  • Suitable for all pet kinds, breeds and ages Total count: 108 cfu/g        



pets probiotic



Probiotic for Pets

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