Since 2010, Zist Darman Mahan Company in partnership with industry leaders of the production of probiotic supplements (Zist Takhmir Co.) and with the aim of achieving technical knowledge of probiotic supplement production for animals, poultry and aquatic began its research and development activities. 

After achieving the technical knowledge to produce these products and isolation and registering probiotic microorganisms from native resources; the company was established with the objective of industrial production in 2014. Our Company is member of Pardis Science and Technology Park. 

Our aim is manufacturing probiotic supplements in the massive and growing industry of livestock, poultry and aquatics in order to produce healthy food and eliminate the country's need to import. The products of the company were given to market with commercial logo BioDEP®. These products were exclusively formulated for use by all groups of ruminants (Goat, Sheep, Calves, Cattle, Lamb,...), poultry, aquatics (Shrimp, Prawn, Fish, ...), horses and pets (Cat and Dog). All products are containing powerful and specific bacterial and yeast strains of probiotics and prebiotics.

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